Monday, July 21, 2008

Childress to Greece? Get Outta Here!


There is too much to cover in the very little time I have, so we'll delve deeper later, but let me make things clear.

These players' representation is playing you against the team.

The Hawks representation should call this bluff quickly because, as expressed in the blogs prior to this one, all they are doing is trying to gin up a sense of urgency against the franchise that doesn't have to do anything quickly.

The agents have their agenda, and everything that is being said and written plays right along with that. They have to come up with leverage somehow, someway, to force the Hawks hands into setting their own market for their players. They (the agents) don't want their guys playing out any option year and risking it all. Let's not forget that a year is a long time and, should neither Smith or Childress get an long term deal before the season starts, neither agent may be around next year to "cash in" on the inevitable extension they do sign.

So, with the pressure squarely on to get these guys sign, and soon, the agents are doing what they should be doing----trying to create straw men (or teams, in this case) to play against the Hawks and use the one arrow in the quiver, the fact that the team is believed to be incompetent and the lack of any kind of excitement prior to this past season----in other words, public opinion, against the team to try and pressure a resolution (read: MONEY) sooner rather than letting the market establish themselves.

More later----probably after Josh Smith declares he's thinking about playing for the Braves next season.


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