Friday, August 8, 2008

Thank You, Memphis! Grizzlies Offer Josh Smith

Hard to believe, but just as the HHB was settling in for a summertime slumber, it got all Christmas time on us and something has actually happened on the Josh Smith front.

Call it a favor or call it for real, but the Memphis Grizzlies have apparently decided "What the Heck?" and signed Josh Smith to a 5 year, 58 million dollar offer sheet according to Sekou Smith and the AJC.

You have to laugh as you would figure that the Hawks might have had Smith for less had they decided not to find out what Josh's true market value was. It's a smidge less than the 12 million reported that Smith was seeking. Was 400K/year worth all the disgruntlement caused by playing with the hardball? We'll see, we hope.

The Hawks now have seven days to decide whether to match the offer sheet and bring Smith back or let him become a Grizzly.

It might be the difference between stopping the offseason bleeding or returning to basketball oblivion.

Just in case there is any indecision over the next few days, here is a friendly HHB reminder to the Hawks front office regarding what this might be all about:

Official HHB Advise: Just sign the man. That is all.

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