Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PreSeason GameNight: So Far, So Good

There isn't much you can say about preseason NBA basketball.

But we'll try:

1. It's good to have the game back

Always nice when you can watch the NBA again. Some folks don't get jacked up about the pros, but the HHB sure does. Much like when pitchers and catchers report in February for baseball fans, the opening of training camp and preseason basketball brings hope, promise, and the favorite game back into our high definition lives.

2. Hawks Win! Hawks Win!

The best thing to the HHB about the 118-101 preseason win over the Magic wasn't the backup backcourt play of Acie Law and Mo Evans, though that was indeed very good.

To see it here, the best thing about the game was this:

G Mike Bibby
G Joe Johnson
F Marvin Williams
F Josh Smith
C Al Horford

Getting a whiff of that? That's familiarity. That's continuity. Some jokesters would likely add that "That's mediocrity". But that's the same lineup of a team that improved greatly last season, made the playoffs, and held their home court.


3. Improvements?

The best thing about the new season is you can see what has changed from the previous season.

New additions/subtractions are obvious, but for this team you can go down the lineup and be stoked about the fact that each of these youngsters are a season more seasoned. (Not so fast, Mike Bibby)

What will Horford do in his second season? Can Smith or Marvin take their game to the next level? How about Acie Law (Congrats, BTW, to Al and Acie for their extensions--obvious and well deserved)?

Watching the first game gives excitement that all the young players did well out of the box.

4. Easy There

Tempering preseason expectations aren't easy. The HHB remembers when we were all excited about the preseason that featured amazing things from Dion Glover.

Still---it's nice to see everyone back out there---and it's always better to see them playing well in the preseason than to NOT see them play well in the preseason.

So far, so good!

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