Thursday, February 26, 2009


Much like the Hawks have done from time to time this season the HHB has been on a break---no structural damage to the HHB Studios or personnel issues that have caused a power struggle in the HHB board rooms---just time to remove, reflect, and rebound.

Just like the Hawks.

Sure, some might look at a 2-4 West coast swing as a downer, though the Birds were oh so close to making it a very respectable .500 trip---but we look at it as a tough patch that they have worked through, with (2) very important home games against quality competition to test their mettle with (Miami, Cleve-land).

We have moved into the surprisingly optimistic category---after all, we are staring at (9) more wins until 41---a plateau not seen since the 97-98 Hawks---not to curse anything, but the Official HHB Accountant got out the Texas Instruments and discovered that the Hawks have a lot of home games remaining on the schedule and that the home team would need to go 18-7 to hit 50 wins--a major accomplishment for this team, to be sure---but attainable in the HHB's new fresh frame of mind.

Quick Shots:

We haven't been able to mention it since we have been away, but we had to laugh that Joe Johnson wilted under the glare of uncontested free throws in the HORSE competition All-Star weekend---we are sure other sites have mentioned this---but we wanted to share in the giggles anyway.

We still like the core of this team---Marvin, Al, Joe, everybody, everybody---did anyone think that the Hawks had that kind of run in them last night, at the end of that sojourn across the Western US? No Bibby, no Smoove---some serious step-up happened last night to be sure.

We saw RFM turn in an interested ode to Moses Malone (4 assists, 4 fouls, 4 turnovers)---yup---still want to make sure this isn't the long term answer behind Mike at the point.

We are in multiple recordings mode for the home stretch---no Official Satellite issues or .com failures---We are locked and loaded for what we are predicting will be a memorable and fantastic run to the finish line---don't ditch the Hawks just now---the best is coming.

We believe.

The HHB has taken the sheets off the furniture and turned the water and power back on in the Studios---Please forward all mail and old newspapers to the Comments section.

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