Friday, May 1, 2009

Drama! Mystery! Intrigue!

What a day The Day After Game Five turned out to be, huh?

All across the media, we saw amazing conversation about what had been--prior to the evening's festivities---a bit of a dull series outside the regular watchers for both teams.

There was emotion, intense "disagreements", and a water cooler event that occurred near the end of the game that sent everybody who watched, and too many who didn't, into full opinion mode.

Don't know what it was? Hang on--I think it might have been posted somewhere:

This attempt at a roof-raising finish has drawn the ire of naysayers and the competition alike.

Coach Spoelstra called it "an attempt to embarrass" and the Heat players felt insulted. Others called it "classless" and "selfish".

The HHB thinks it was an attempt to serve the fans and Josh Smith, in which order is another debate.

Also, during the broadcast of the Game Five, Hawks announcer extraordinaire, Steve Holman, openly mocked what he must have thought was a prima donna display from Heat star Dwyane Wade.

Didn't hear about that either? Oh, let's check the tape:

Between the Smith non-dunk, the Holman manifesto, and the all out physical game that was featured in Game Five, suddenly a lot of drama has emerged for Game Six. Some of the things to watch is:

Just how much can the Heat milk from the "did us wrong" angle stemming from Game Five? Will this be an unable-to-overcome advantage for the Heat emotionally?

Will there be a measure of payback from the Heat that goes beyond the scoreboard (i.e. Josh Smith, meet the floor)?

If there is a wave of hostility from the Heat and their fans in Game Six in Miami, will the Hawks wilt as they did in the glare of Game Three down there?

Will Steve Holman be the first play by play man to ever get continuously booed throughout his broadcast?

These are the questions people----internally, we here at the HHB believe that ANY road game for the Hawks is a cause for concern. We will know within the first five minutes worth of possessions whether the Hawks are serious about digging their heels in and taking everything that Miami has and trying to close this series out in Game Six.

Going into this game, the Hawks better believe they are going to get the best the Heat and the people of Miami have to offer. If the Hawks dig in, play terrific defense and take care of the ball---all the emotion in the world won't help the Heat---unless they shoot over 50 percent again from 3 point range and take a ton of those shots.

It will be a test of their mettle and poise--an opportunity to show growth and that they can close a series. Going into the game thinking that, no matter what, there is a Game Seven in the ATL only allows the chance for another Game Two, where the Heat were making everything. If that would be the case in Game Seven, they will be done.

That the Hawks will have to do that without Al Horford and Marvin Williams makes it harder, but the Hawks played the whole second half without those two in Game Five and not only did they withstand a hot second half from Wade, but they scored very efficiently as well--taking advantage of their talent edge in every way.

Strong defense, efficient offense, and maintaining composure. If the Hawks can do this, it will be another lopsided victory for the Birds, their first seven game series victory in forever, and a chance to show that they have learned some lessons and are indeed a growing team.


CoCo said...

Don't be surprised if wade shoots 30 free throws tonight. He's been lobbying in the paper. Also I hope Za Za does as Wade says he's been doing and beats him up.

Jason Walker said...

May backfire on him if the NBA wants to ensure they can't be swayed.

I think it's also likely that Jo Crawford, Steve Javie, and David Jones are on this game---they all have quick "T" triggers.