Friday, June 19, 2009

Wanted: Inspiration

When the HHB is losing sleep (and not over those pesky Josh Smith trade rumors) because the newest member of the crew is waking up every two hours, the basketball offseason seems to race by.

That said--and despite mock drafts and predraft workouts, old NBA drafts on TV, ridiculous (or maybe not) trade rumors, and the always stimulating Collective Bargaining Agreement discussions (seriously, can't get enough of that, can ya?)--the HHB is longing for something that will inspire.

Thought: We thought we could get geared up that Josh Smith will be heading out to Vegas to participate in the summer workouts, hoping that it will result in the same accolades afforded Al Horford when he did the same last season.

Reality: We remembered that, when Horford returned to the team he was handed the same dirty mop he had propped in the corner from the season before. Additional skill only matters when it is put into use and the Hawks had no use for Al's well earned basketball merit badges--after all he's their "hustle guy" (Sorry, Flubber).

Thought: We could get excited by the fact that the Hawks actually have picks in the Official NBA Draft!

Reality: Through Hoopinion's and Micah Hart's breakdown of the players, it seems clear that, should the Hawks pick a point guard (which is an about 85-90 percent of the audience right now), the player they get will likely be solid, but not great, and likely not anything more than an (at most) eighth or ninth man. With coach Mike Woodson's track record, maybe not even that much.

Yet, we still find ourselves unmoved by any big men, can't get behind another shooting guard or small forward type---and that leaves us with the point guards, which also seem to provide the most value in that draft slot.

Thought: We could get fired up about Tyler Hansbrough declaring himself the next David Lee and write a thousand words about how it's just not true.

Reality: Sure, we could remind Tyler that David won a dunk competition that didn't involve a little brother and that explosiveness has served him well in the NBA, but we would be missing the point of Hansbrough's well placed comparison.

It's all about the money.

The HHB seriously doubts if Hansbrough really believes he can produce like Lee--but he did the right thing in reminding people that they seriously underestimated Lee when left the University of Florida and selflessly paved the way for back to back championships. (Much love, David).

As teams wonder about Tyler's draft slot, he puts a little fear and doubt in their minds by referencing Lee, who would surely go a lot higher if that draft were held with today's knowledge in mind and in turn gets himself placed in, potentially, that higher draft slot.

But Tyler, seriously--we watched David Lee and we've watched you---and while we admire your tenacity--you are no David Lee.

In the end, we are left without a muse--and searching for answers---or at least the next rumor.

About Josh Smith

We have received some notes asking us what we think/thought about the Smith trade rumors and what we think is this----unless it's a can't miss deal for the Hawks there is no way the Hawks should pull the cord on Smith.

No doubt--right now, he's far from the perfect player. But---The things that have prevented Smith from being an even bigger positive factor for the Hawks are still teachable and to panic and deal Smith for even 3 quarters on the dollar is what the old timers would call "second division" thinking.

For a long time Hawks fans longed to see the Hawks draft a player that other teams should have taken long before the Hawks stole him. They have wanted a player that other teams and fans were interested in--someone who sparks the imagination with his ability. Smith does, in fact, fit that bill--and his contract is reasonable for someone that young and with such ability.

Years ago, Portland traded a player too early, one they had spent a similar draft pick as the Hawks spent on Smith and (4) years developing. Think the Blazers wouldn't mind getting a do-over on the Dale Davis/Jermaine O'Neal deal in 2000?

The LA Times opined at the time of the trade that "
When O'Neal did get into games, usually as a backup to aging center Arvydas Sabonis, he showed promising shot-blocking and rebounding skills at the defensive end, but almost no touch on offense."

Other publications echoed such sentiment---since then, however, the trade has been recorded as one of the more lopsided deals of all time. Anybody want the Birds to be on that list (again)?

That's not to say the Hawks shouldn't pull the trigger if the deal is too good to turn down---but with players as young and as talented as Smith--to be cliche'---the better deal is likely the one they don't make.

The HHB is seeking inspiration to pull them from the silent halls of the Official HHB Headquarters. Suggestions and Recipes can be offered in the Comments Area.


CoCo said...

The draft doesn't excite me, the fact that they haven't extended nor fired Mike Woodson worries me. (Make a decision one way or the other)The fact that Rick Sund has a thing for drafting big men scares the hell out of me. Hasheem Thabeet has Hawks uniform written all over him. That would be awful. If they trade Josh Smith they will need to formally rename the Highlight Factory because all highlights will have left the building.
Now that Comcast and I have come to terms. I am capable of getting back in the game, but my thoughts are still too jumbled and surrounded by profanity so I must wait a little longer

Jason Walker said...

Now see--the title of today's entry implies that we wanted to be inspired, not deflated, CoCo.

In other words---order? We don't go to the Vent for order---Put the Vent down, lady, and get to it!

CoCo said...

You are right. I will restore order dammit! Hahaha!

Aden said...

Thank you for thiis