Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Hey, the Hawks are on Tonight!

Gobble. Gobble.

What I want on my Thanksgiving plate is simple.

1. The Hawks as relevant for the entire year as they were for the first seven games of the year.

2. More Al Horford.

3. Beating all comers at home.

4. Beating all the team's we should beat (decided by a judging panel determined by the HHB Council and subject to change to fit any whim the HHB might have) at all venues.

5. Josh Smith's name on a Defensive Player of the Year trophy.

6. Heck, Josh Smith in the lineup.

7. Good health and good timing in all things for the Hawks.

Oh, and pecan pie too, please.

The HHB is clear about one thing---when you leave a vile, desperate place like the lottery after nearly a decade of residence there, you never want to return. And yes, you may imagine bold type and caps for the word never there. The HHB is too erudite to allow such font.

So it begins again tonight with the good guys taking on the Milwaukee Bucks at home. This is the type of game that must be won else allowing those with weaker stomachs to forecast doom and/or gloom for the season's fortunes.

The last two games for the Hawks have been pretty indicitive of a team that is on pace for a .500 or slightly above type season---beating a sub-par team like the Bobcats at home and then getting wasted by a playoff team at their place.

By the way, the HHB wonders if readers have noticed that the weaker teams bring a stronger game to the Hawks than they do against teams that are "better" than they are. This is typical of lottery teams who feel like they can get a win from a team like the Hawks, but not so much from the Celtics or a team of that ilk.

Anyway, the HHB sends out Thanksgiving love to all Bird Watchers and Let's Go Hawks!

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