Friday, December 5, 2008

Out Sick

As a special HHB Birthday present (yesterday was the actual day), for whatever reason, the Official HHB Viewing Center was not showing the Wednesday game between the Grizz and the Hawks.

Since the HHB has been under siege by a virus attack from Parts Unknown, it was to be an enjoyable respite in an otherwise miserable week which struck us down from contributing any salient thoughts about the Hawks recent victory over the Wizards (thanks for taking care of that business boys!) and whatever might have occurred in the Memphis game on the 3rd (another win!).

Then I find something in the fantastic Peachtree Hoops blog about the recent disappearance of Zaza Pachulia. More importantly, PH asks the question that raises the reason the HHB got into covering the Hawks to begin with----WHY DON'T HAWKS FANS GET ALL THE ANSWERS?

The scene in the locker room of the Hawks is a funny one after a game. Really, to the HHB's fading eyesight, there are only a couple of writers who ask their own original questions. All the other radio, wire report folks, TV wait for these "pioneers" to go in for their line of questioning and then surround the target to get their sound or TV clip for the night and go home.

It's both a humorous and sad sight to behold.

So, to Peachtree Hoops and folks everyone who yearn for the truth, the HHB is not here to say you can't handle it, it just that there is nobody there to ask the question.

Now, where's the NyQuil?

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Osama Bin Jammin said...

Definitely seems the truth, especially after our recent incursion into the post-game press conference. Perhaps they're just too bored to come up with original questions for each and every game?