Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Everybody, Everybody!

OK, the intense hype for this regular season game (ummm--Boston is in the ATL if you haven't heard) is off the charts.

If the HHB can channel it's inner Wilbon, we can say that this is a little too jacked up to get for a December game.

Yes, this is a chance for the Hawks to end Boston's 378 game winning streak or whatever it is tonight.

Yes, the Hawks can puff their collective chests out should they end that streak and take out the champs.

And yes, it would be nice to watch Paul Pierce and Company pout their way off the court should the good guys (Good guys wear Black, btw--and blue---and red---anyway) come away victorious.

But, big picture, what does it all mean?

Not much.

It's another nice win in an early season of nice wins, but allow us, if you will, to play the Official Wet Blanket:

1. Too much stock in a win could cause massive complacency, especially among the younger players who have yet to learn that every game and every possession is important.

Yes, we are looking at you, Josh Smith.

Already, the Hawks have been dangerously close to losing games at home against teams that are below them. And yes while it's good to win some games without your fastball, it's not good to get into a habit of doing so. Or so we're told.

2. Too much stock in a loss could send irrational Bird Watchers over the cliff.

Yes, we are looking at you, Hawk Nation.

Already, we are dangerously close to being irrational with our expectations. This game is not a referndum of the Hawks season. Losing does not mean we can't compete come April (should we get there---looking furiously for some wood to knock on) nor does winning mean we can print tickets to the Conference Finals and beyond.

Yes, we know that the HHB is the place where we said that Mediocrity is an Improvement, not a Destination, but we're willing to take our baby steps and accept that whatever outcome tonight can be used to build, not settle on.

Still, it's great to have the NBA world watching little ole Philips Arena tonight when the curtain rises on this game.

As we have said many times, many ways---Relevance is nice, and makes you not want to ever go back to the dark underworld of Lottery Land.

To have the home team on the WWL and have all eyes watching the Good Guys tonight is a good feeling---a proud feeling---and we can understand that folks want to prove to the world that the team we watch, the team we live/die with is worth the passion and emotion we put into it.

So, screw it---forget the Wet Blanket---Get on your feet tonight in the Arena, scream at the TV at home---Let's go out there and get the W so that we can announce our presence with authority and send the C's a message that Zaza started all those games ago.

This is our house. And you are not welcome.

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