Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The HHB Catches Up

Looks like we picked the right week to take a holiday on the farm.

In the Hawks World, we saw:

Josh Childress Returns to Greece

Sure, we can lament the fact that the Hawks almost had the bones of Bruce Bowen or Kurt Thomas---or both---but we just can't get worked up about the fact that Childress decided to go back to the greenery of Greece.

In the halls of the HHB HQ, we felt this was a sailed ship a year ago, when the team failed to recognize how productive Childress was and let him entertain offers from pastures that are free from NBA extradition. That the Hawks (and some fans, mind you) mused that Maurice Evans might be a less expensive match for Childress indicates the serious devaluing of the former #6 pick's skills and contributions.

We thought it strange at the time (and if you go back through our entries from that period, we were in full D-Nial mode) that Childress would take an overseas offer, given that the Hawks would hold his NBA rights as long as they posed a qualifying offer every offseason. The same frustration he felt in the summer of 2008 he will continue to feel every season unless some team knocks the socks off the Hawks with a sign and trade offer, Childress signs a tender and plays out the season, or the Hawks feel generous enough to not offer and let Josh go.

Being good businessmen, the Hawks have not just let him go--the NBA is hardly a place where you can be so noble to a mid-20's aged lottery pick who, by the way, can be very productive. And no team has reportedly offered a "gotta take it" deal either summer, unless you really have a thing for former defensive specialists.

So that leaves Childress deciding to either continue his European Vacation or hold his nose--play out the qualifier--and become a free agent the next season. If he had done this last season he would have made a couple million less in '08-'09, sure, but he would have been free to sign with anybody this offseason. If his dream is to have a long, successful career in the NBA, he is letting it drip away by staying away with every season. As it stands, he goes back through the same dance again in June 2010.

David Andersen Realizes His NBA Dream---In Houston

If Josh wants to know how long the Hawks may hold rights without doing anything, the most recent example can now be closed. David Andersen, who had been Hawks property since 2002 without ever coming over to Philips Arena will finally, at age 29, make it to the NBA thanks to the Hawks dealing the Aussie big man to Houston for some second round suds.

It's interesting that the Hawks finally made a move on Andersen, since it doesn't seem like a second rounder wouldn't have been offered in the past by another team, though we wouldn't know that for sure. Certainly we can understand Houston's interest, after Yao's injury and failing to get either Marcin Gortat or Zaza Pachulia.

What would entice the Hawks to make a move now as Andersen cost them no cap space to hold his rights? It might indicate, as Hoopinion mentioned soon after the deal, that the Hawks don't seem interested in a quality 10th man on the roster, else they might have brought him on themselves in addition to re-signing Pachulia. Rumor was it wouldn't take much more than 2-3 million to bring the big guy over.

Since the Hawks need more size, and have really since even before 2002, it's not entirely encouraging that this transaction occurred. It means that Hawks fans might have to get used to the idea of spending the MLE on 2 or 3 replacement level free agents vs. one above average player in the frontcourt, but hey, we'll stay somewhat optimistic until that times comes.

Hawks Summer League Highlights

Ok, Ok---There is a mini-camp going on--but when the highlights are of Coach Woodson "coaching up" Jeff Teague and Othello Hunter putting on a dunk show, it's probably pressing to look for real important stuff there. You can check out pictures and summaries from Micah over here. As nice as the Philips Practice Court is, we miss the opportunity to watch summer league games and overrate our young talent just like everybody else.

Imagine hearing that Teague scored (27) against the "Jazz" at the RMR---or that Hunter pulled down double digit boards in (16) minutes---it's our right to be overly excited about their play and the prospects for greatness heading into the season. Heck, we used to gush about the play of Dion Glover and DerMarr Johnson in the Shaw league for crying out loud--you know we would have hyped Garrett Siler blocking a shot against some D-leaguer in Vegas.

Alas, we'll just wait until the preseason camp---hopefully we'll have another big rebounder to watch at that point---and know if Marvin Williams signed the tender, got an extension, or took Terrence Morris' spot in Russia, leaving the Hawks with (2) refugees abroad.

Until then here is the updated list of free agents for 2009 with their corresponding PER (Hawks players in bold; Attempted to highlight in the team's colors that the free agents choose---who's your money on for the next to go?)

David Lee (RFA)19.07
Nate Robinson (RFA)18.95
Paul Millsap (RFA)18.77
Andre Miller18.71
Charlie Villanueva
Chris Anderson
Ramon Sessions (RFA)17.65
Marcin Gortat (RFA)
Leon Powe
Ben Gordon
Jason Kidd16.95
Hakim Warrick (RFA)
Antonio McDyess16.63
Lamar Odom16.60
Brandon Bass16.49
Mike Bibby16.38
Drew Gooden16.34
Marvin Williams (RFA) 16.04
Shawn Marion16.02
Allen Iverson15.89
Ron Artest15.64
Trevor Ariza15.51
Grant Hill15.26
Rasheed Wallace14.91
Hedo Turkoglu14.82
Von Wafer14.79
Anderson Varejao14.62
Rasho Nesterovic14.15
Zaza Pachulia14.14
Joe Smith13.85
Raymond Felton (RFA)13.80
Shelden Williams13.78
Chris Wilcox13.37
Jarrett Jack (RFA)
Matt Barnes
Ben Wallace
Wally Szczerbiak12.18
Anthony Parker12.16
Solomon Jones (RFA)
Robert Swift11.50
Theo Ratliff11.22
Glen Davis (RFA)10.77
Raef Lafrentz10.40
Channing Frye
Mario West (RFA)
Ime Udoka
Stromile Swift6.80
Malik Rose5.28


Ron E. said...

I wonder if Chils is just waiting for Woodson to get fired before returning to the NBA and possibly playing for the Hawks again. If so, there's one more reason to add to the long list of reasons not to sign Woody to an extension.

thirdfalcon said...

Naw, it's about the money with him, that and I think he wants to start.

thirdfalcon said...

I'm talking myself into Drew Gooden more and more. I think he can be had for 2 or 3 million

Jason Walker said...

Ron E,

That would be a nice gift for a new coach, should that occur.


No doubt--he wants to be regarded as more than just "The Energy Guy".

And crazy as DGooden may be, he is a productive guy and almost (6) years younger than Joe Smith (and better, too).

Jesse said...

W/R/T Childress:
-I'm pretty sure it was all about starting for Childress to begin with. IRC, he thought he should have been starting over Williams (which I agreed with). I'll probably have to go digging through old articles to see if I can find some quotes on it. Now though, while it still may have something to do with starting, I'm sure money is playing a bigger role in it.

rbubp said...

"If his dream is to have a long, successful career in the NBA, he is letting it drip away by staying away with every season. As it stands, he goes back through the same dance again in June 2010."

Man, I couldn't agree more. I hope he really likes it over there, riding on buses to games and playing in middle school gyms in front a few hundred people...because coming back to the NBA is going to be more difficult every year.