Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reports: Bibby To Stay a Hawk

Free agency has been still thus far for Bird Watchers, but news is coming out that the Hawks are in the lead for retaining PG Mike Bibby for a reported (3) more seasons.

Both the Philadelphia Inquirer and Yahoo Sports have reported that Bibby turned down overtures from the Sixers, who are interested in replacing their own FA PG Andre Miller.

One of the reports had Bibby being offered a 1-yr deal by PHL, but that ATL had an edge by offering a 3-yr deal. Another had the Sixers asking about Bibby's interests and was told that Bibby was intent on staying a Hawk.

This would be good news for the Hawks in the short team considering Bibby's departure would leave no true point guards on the roster. His defensive liabilities have been well documented as have his offensive strongpoints. The acquisitions of Jamal Crawford and Jeff Teague could be used to limit Bibby's minutes and maximize his effectiveness.

There have been no reports as to the potential terms of a deal, but one has to look at the 3 yr, 24 million dollar offer Mavericks PG Jason Kidd has been alleged to have been offered by both the Knicks and Mavericks as a guideline and ruler for a potential Bibby deal.


Ron E. said...

Kidd is a lot better player than Bibby, so hopefully Mike's deal is a little cheaper. I'm fine with bringing Bibby back. The next target should be Zaza or somebody similar.

Jason Walker said...

I agree Ron---I would hope that the Hawks wouldn't compensate Bibby to the same level as Kidd, but you can bet it won't much less inexpensive--We should prepare for something along the lines of about 7M/Y for three years, I would think.

And I agree--when you look at the centers out there, it's not surprising that Zaza is next on the list now that Gortat has signed.