Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009-2010 Hawks Schedule

Not that we get too worked up about it, but there are always some interesting items in the schedule every year. Some of these include early season locations, nationally televised games, and big ticket games.

We were going to post the schedule for the new season as provided to the HHB by the NBA and the Atlanta Hawks (Thank you!), but we found the formatting and layout even more pleasing on the official Hawks.com website. Enjoy and feel free to posts your grievances and other associated arguments over in the Comments Area.

UPDATE: Just discovered that the Clippers have eight games on TNT and ESPN, one more than the 4th seeded, "up and coming" Hawks. We draw even with them by having one more NBATV game than they do, bringing us both to (13). Ka-chow!

MORE GOOD NEWS: This piece on AOL Fanhouse observes that the Wizards also have (8) games on ABC/ESPN/TNT--again, one more than the Hawks on those channels and (16) including NBATV.

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