Thursday, August 27, 2009

Joe Smith and The Amazing Colorful Hawks Blogging Spectrum

THHB is uninspired. Oh, we hear you. How can we not be excited about the announcement of Joe Smith finally chiseling his name on the bottom line for a vet min pittance, wrapping up what has to be described as a fantastically successful Hawks offseason?

Well for one, this Smith (Joe, not Josh or Sekou) story has been ongoing since the end of July, making this signing seem more of a conciliatory gesture on Smith's part than an enthusiastic joining of the favorite franchise.Secondly, Hoopinion and Mark Bradley already killed our joy about a fourth big man a while ago--thanks, guys!

Third, and perhaps most important to a self-important bunch as ourselves, is that throughout the course of the past few weeks, we have seen more evidence that we pale in comparison to the creative genius going on over @peachtreehoops, the power and brevity in excellence that is @hoopinion, and the commenting activity that persists over @hawkSt8Talk.

Seriously, Str8Talk claims they have about a dozen readers, but they have been averaging a robust 215.32 comments per post over the offseason. Amazing. Not even Football Outsiders can break down those numbers with any reason.

Hoopinion has national exposure (the good kind), excellent research, and analysis, and that good looking ESPN branding at the top o' the blog (w/ video!)

And all Peachtree Hoops has done this summer is launch maybe the most interesting and engaging series of posts mentioned in this blog entry. Seriously, if you haven't checked into the 72 Reasons Series yet over there, you are missing out. The entry alone on "Heat Checks" made such an impact at THHB headquarters that it's posted on the group fridge with a gold star and a smiley face, with an inside track on the newly created "Most Truth Entry of the Year" for next year's HHBs.

P'Hoops brought on two new writers for the purpose of--well--we can't figure it out since the proprietor of the site has used this as a campaign to raise his own game. Well, touch 'em all, Mr. Drew--you're hitting a home run.Well done, sir.

Heck, people all over are talking about the Hawks, even some describing how the Hawks haven't done enough to make a push for a championship. Yowza--the Hawks are coming along, eh, when national hoop watchers are debating whether the Hawks standing pat means they won't contend for a championship. Hey, some fans are just happy that the Lottery Land luggage tag is looking older and older these days--while of course longing for more.

So Joe Smith finally surrendering to the Hawks offer of the vet minimum (almost two weeks after the story seeped) doesn't really bring us to inspiration. Because with all the other great things happening in Hawkdom, even in the dead of offseason, it hardly moves the needle. Veteran Power Forward signs with the home team for the min that wouldn't have happened even two seasons ago? Meh. What number will Spirit the Hawk be on P'Hoops 72 Reasons or what piece of intelligence will Hoopinion share or who will take issue with Str8Talk enough to provide another commentathon over there?

Hey, maybe we are a little inspired.


thirdfalcon said...

Don't get too down. I think your blog is one of, if not the best Hawks blog I know of. I personally don't argue with you because I usually can't find much to argue about. I don't know what your numbers look like, but I can tell you that I consider your blog a must read.

Jason Walker said...


Thank you--what I really wanted to do is showcase what's going on in the other blogs in the event that maybe it wasn't being seen.

Basically, I wanted to toot the horn of the Hawks bloggers while also taking a good-natured shot at how long this Joe Smith story has been out there, its anti-climactic end, and (thanks again Bret and Mark) how in the end it may mean not so much.

But thanks for the atta-boy --we have many great readers and am flattered that you consider this a must read. Thank you!

rbubp said...

The reason Str8talk gets all the comments, of course, is because he says things that are debatable with striking conviction, and then in the comments he makes sure everyone else knows his opinion is the only one of any merit. And he writes about 1000 words per comment to get to that basic point.

So, his blog is interesting merely because it's a train wreck. I wouldn't trade it if I were's like watching Ann Coulter make a total fool of herself.

Jason Walker said...


Oh, is that Larry's secret? I just know that his comment numbers look huge like Barry Bonds all of the sudden. So, whatever the reason, there's a lot of banter over there.

Thanks for the support---I was really just calling attention to other sites since there just hasn't been much on the docket going into Labor Day here.

I continue to be facinated with Drew's 72 Reasons (brilliant idea to get through the summer) and now he compounds it by adding the Jamal Crawford Yearbook Tour.

I didn't even mention HawkSquawk, which always carries interesting personalities and discussion.

The point is, it's a good time to be a Bird Watcher--lots of interesting places to discuss and read about the good guys.

Jason Walker said...

Missed the "s" in fascinated. The kind of thing I should just let go, but I can't. Please forgive me.

rbubp said...

THHB, it's the same six people arguing back and forth about what each other meant, and Larry being alternately condescending, explanatory, and defensive. It is interesting only for the bloodshed.

As opposed to constantly reading "Well if you've been reading all along you'll see that what I really mean is...", I would much rather participate in dialog about the actual posts--like on your blog as well as the others. Personally, I think there's a really nice rotation between stats-heavy, funny/fanboy style, and plain ol' insider commentary. You know who you are and we get treated to a spectrum, like it should be.

And it's nice not to be insulted by BS or assertions of ignorance. Cannot overstate the import of that.

Jason Walker said...


Understood, and thank you. How about assertions of my own ignorance?

Drew Ditzel said...

am i funny fanboy? if so, can i pretend like that is some kind of superhero?

rbubp said...

No pretending, Drew. You are a superhero, and very funny, and a damn good blogger. Hope I didn't offend.

thirdfalcon said...

*reads Rbubp's comments.

*try's to think of something to say.

*gives up and switches to defensive mode.


rbubp said...

Was trying to defend your honor, TF.

thirdfalcon said...

I know, was just trying to have fun with it. No worries.

Jesse said...

Haha, really, there is only about three of you guys getting in heated debates over there. For the most part, I've tried to stay out of the opinion-heavy arguments and just provide numbers further the dialog. All that aside though, if you're a fan of the Hawks, then you'll go just about anywhere to gleam just that little bit extra, even if it involves some spirited discussions from time to time.

THHB, PTH, Hoop, Str8, BillyKnight, Run Around, the Vent, Hawksquawk, etc... They all are interesting in their own right, and as a collective make up one of the most unique and entertaining group of blogs. The personalities are very diverse, much like your own group of friends.

To all, I say good job and a very grateful THANK YOU. Living outside of GA and in other markets limits the amount of live coverage I can receive, so it's even more important to me that there are multiple online sources for me to peruse to sate my Hawks addiction, and after a 1/4 century, it's one helluva addiction.

Jason Walker said...

Very cool, Jesse---Well put, sir---and thank you!