Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Back to Business

We're getting back to business at THHB, and much like the team we cover, the preseason---she don't mean so much. So we're going to take it easy, work on our form and get back into game shape in time for the regular season.

Beware the preseason excitement and stories.

Much is said round these parts about the lack of actual basketball like substance in these preseason games---but that hasn't stopped us from giving glowing reports about the team in year's past as we have gotten wrapped up in the excitement of seeing the good guys back on the court again.

Why, we remember the excitement in one preseason that Alan Henderson had regained relative health, thereby giving the Hawks a so-labeled "key piece" off the bench for the 2002-03 season. (Well, he stayed healthy all year at least.)

And, as if we didn't get enough with Henderson, we did the same for Chris Crawford in 2003-04, after (2) lost seasons due to injury. (He did not stay healthy the whole year, but did play a career high 56 games that year!).

We even once declared the league wasn't ready for the up and coming Hawks, who were surely going to catch the league off-guard with it's amazing young talent. Was this 2007-2008?

Not so much. It was 2001-2002 and the Hawks won (33) games. Guess the league was ready.

The Lesson, of course, is that the early part of this decade was rather stinky for Hawks watchers, and we were willing to see silver lining everywhere, even when the lining was often aluminum.

Al Horford will be under contract through next season

About a .001 out of 10 on the Shock-o-Meter--still, it's good to say that Our Favorite Gator will be a Hawk at least a season longer. Whooo. Hoooo.

At Least We'll Be Able To See Woody Sweat in Greater Detail

It has been announced that, Fox Sports South and Just Plain Sports South that 2/3 of the Hawks regular season games will be televised is Glorious High-Definition. THHB High Definition Viewing Center will be well used and the office fridge will be well stocked. Now, here's hoping the other 1/3 doesn't take two or three more seasons to join the crowd.

So Long, Farewell, and Thank You

THHB wishes an extremely fond farewell to Hawks Web Maestro Micah Hart, who later this week will be former Hawks Web Maestro as he moves on over to to further his career. Since the 2004-2005 season, Micah has made the Hawks website a fantastic place for any fan to go for all kinds of multimedia information and has lovingly embraced the modest, yet enthusiastic Hawks Blogging Universe.

The site was bland before Hart infused it with interviews, podcasts, and loads of insight and information by way of the news links, game reports, and ultimately his blog on the site.

We wish Micah more than well---as Hawks fans, all of us at THHB owe a huge debt to a hours of free entertainment and information about our favorite team.

Good luck, Micah!

THHB offices are done being fumigated and cleansed from all sorts of pandemics, epidemics, and academics. Directions back to the Hawks Universe can be left in the Comments Area or over on Twitter.


Drew Ditzel said...

you have been missed. welcome back!

Jason Walker said...

Thank you, Drew!

As the great seer Neil Diamond once mused---We're headed for the future and the future is now!