Monday, December 15, 2008

The Rain, The Park, And Other Things

Nope, not a serious collection of theories of why this dang song is so catchy and a clear indicator that the HHB is tragically unhip:

Cowsills - The Rain The Park And Other Things
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Rather, it's a prologue to a series of random, not thought out---thoughts (see?)

Hawks Slow Starts No Mystery

Psst---the HHB has a secret.

We know why the Hawks start slow in these games recently, really, we do.

It's complex, but the HHB thinks we can break it down for you.

Here it goes:

1. When the Hawks come out and treat every possession like it's play time at the Bouncy Castle, and turn the ball over multiple times in the first few minutes of the game.

2. When Josh Smith forgets that he is almost unstoppable going to the hole and takes an gleefully uncontested jump shot when he could land a plane between he and the next closest defender. We call this "Antoine Walker Syndrome".

3. When the Hawks treat the defensive lane like there is a "Wet Paint" sign over it, thereby allowing somewhat easy---and by somewhat we mean very easy---baskets.

4. When the Hawks see a double digit first quarter deficit as "rolling up the bet".

Oops---the NBA has advised me to remove #4 by penalty of removing our credentials. Wait, we're not credentialed. We're not even relevant. Take that, NBA!

Seriously, the Hawks have their gaps in games where they forget that each NBA possession is a precious jewel, to be honored and treated as such else the other team taketh the ball away and score, score, score.

I have found this occurring in the beginning of games, but also during stretches where RFM is running the point (see below columns for reference points on RFM). Um, he's not a point guard. And since the HHB has determined that finding a long term replacement at the point is critical to supporting this young team as they grow, using a transition player like RFM to run the point instead of developing Acie Law (Point Guard Approved by the HHB) is not wise long term. Heck, from what we see, it's not wise short term either, as evidenced by his woeful +/- at the point.

Josh Smith Lives, and Sometimes We Die

He is sometimes amazing. sometimes baffling, but the HHB is glad he is a Hawk.

Surely, you have seen this block from Saturday night against the Cavs:

Ummm----Yes. Thank you.

Perspective on the Season

Let's see, the Hawks were without one of their more dynamic players for over 10 percent of the season (given a full 82 games) and have played seemingly fairly ordinary basketball thus far, meaning that nobody is really playing way over their heads, and yet look at the Hawks.

14-9, .609 basketball, 11-6 in the conference with wins over current #2, #3, #6, and #8 already this year.

As the late great Bernie Mac would say, "That's good basketball, America!"

The HHB is enjoying this run, given the fact that it hasn't taken an inordinate amount of luck or over-their-heads basketball to get where they are. This is a good basketball team that can definitely get better.

There is good talent, good chemistry, and good balance.

Good times!

The HHB never claimed to be smart or pithy, but they are still humming that stupid song and can be reached in the Comments area

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