Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now You Know---Literally

Maybe you did, maybe you didn't---but did you know that the NBA's Greatest Media Relations team cranks out a game notes for every Hawks game? It's true---ever wonder where all the broadcast teams get those "when trailing at the half numbers" or "so and so used to get his hair cut here in Atlanta" tidbits? It's usually from these game notes. The one's for tonight's game against the Kings (check Twitter over on the sidebar for the HHB Players to Watch) can be found right here!

Here are some highlights:

  • Hawks trail the all-time series against the Kings franchise 152-144, but have an 80-29 record against the Kings @ home.
  • The Hawks are the first team since the Mavericks ('99-'03) to improve their win record every year for (4) straight years. (HHB note: The Mavs were too aggressive, going from 19 to 40 in a single season--leaving the bar high for themselves to achieve in subsequent seasons 19,40, 53, 57, 60---The Hawks have been much more cautious in their growth 13, 26, 30, 37, and now 39 and counting.)
  • It was this week in Hawks history that Steve Smith hit a franchise record (9) threes in a home loss to the Sonics in 1997. What's interesting to note is that this record was tied later on by the Mighty Henry James---gotta love those Lenny players.

Anyway, we know that these notes don't get pulled together automagically---so we wanted to share with the rest of the Nation as a salute to their hard work.

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