Wednesday, September 16, 2009

THHB Around the WWW

THHB has been seen on a couple of "basketball" sites recently. Check us out over on the Hawks Officially Great Site (Caution: Web Blog like substance!) giving our opinion on how the Hawks did this offseason along with the thoughts of our Hawks Blogging Brethen.

Also, as a part of Heels on Hardwood's "Match Up" series, THHB was graciously invited by Nat to apply that offseason to what we thought it might mean on the court next year. And then HoH offers their thoughts on how the Raptors match up with the Birds for next season.Worth reading as HoH is part of a fantastic stack of Raptors blogs--very knowledgeable and good reading, too--heck, get a tasty beverage and enjoy the breakdown!

In other Hawks news---According to the Official Team Press Release, the Hawks will, for the first time in team history, have all 82 games televised--and we were happy to see that The Namesake will be on the mike as the analyst with the comforting sounds of I'm Bob Rathbun applying the play by play. Now, we can work on them being HD for every game...

Finally, a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fantastic Peachtree Hoops. Wow--it was a great year---great job Bret and Drew! And thank you.

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