Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meaningless Is In the Eyes of the Beholder

Tonight's game may lack meaning in the standings, but if you have been following along on the Twitter conversations, it hasn't meant a lack of interest on some fronts:

Peachtree Hoops is setting lines and taking wagers on some interesting over/unders.

Hawk Str8Talk is hoping for a night to remember from pet project Thomas Gardner.

CoCo from The Vent wants to see the best of the Hawks making some kind of fashion statement.

And, of course, we want to see if our newest, bestest buddy, Speedy Claxton, will get to wear an actual uniform tonight. You know--other than for the Scott Cunningham team shots that appear on the website or the old photos from when he once played ---real, on the court threads.

According to HawksBlog's Micah Hart, Speedy participated in the walkthrough this morning and the man himself declared he is going to play, though coming off the bench!

So it's come to this: That Claxton, who costs the Hawks about (6) million dollars against the cap (since we believe they may be getting insurance to pay actual dollars to SC), can finally play when the game means absolutely nothing in the standings and the Hawks needs to rest the critical players--and even then he's coming off the bench. If it seems strange, that's because it is---we're anxious to see Claxton any which way---one would think that a veteran point guard could be helpful to the team--especially one that's talent challenged as you go deeper down the bench.

The HHB might also fall under the definition of meaningless---arguments for and against, as well as other things that might be interesting in this game can be communicated through the Comments Area.

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