Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Can Learn at Recess

Our pappy always told us, "No matter where you are or what you doing, there is always something to learn."

Ok, so he really didn't tell us that---and there was no "Pappy", but we do cheerfully suggest that there are some things to learn, even in a game that featured more airballs than game balls (see how we did that? Genius.).

The "Hawks" beat the "Heat" 81-79 in a glorified---ok, it wasn't even that glorified--exhibition in front of dozens of engaged fans.

Heck, it was fan appreciation night in the home closer of the season---even if the only fans who appreciated it were the families of Othello Hunter and Thomas Gardner.

Even through the brickfest and turnover stained footage of the game, there were some nuggets of knowledge to be gleaned from the activity known as the basketball game. Let's have some fun with it and play some HHB Did You See That Too Bingo as you read along!

Here We Go:

Michael Beasley can play some offense. His shot was so sweet, it seemed the Hawks were applauding it as it ripped through the nets. He had a double-double in the first quarter and would end up with (23) points in (24) minutes. Stellar!

Flubber West and Solomon Jones with 30+ minutes of floor time don't put up any different counting stats than they do in 4-6 minutes of floor time. Seriously guys---2 for 6 in (70) minutes of game action? This is Exhibit B to Rick Sund for a better bench next year. See our previous entry for Exhibit A.

RFM doesn't like being a part of "Exhibition Night". Murray sported the old, out-of-control RFM moves on his way to a "what the heck" 5-20 night from the field. Murray earned the right to be treated like a starter, but obviously the Hawks had too few players to make that happen, and RFM shot it like he just don't care---say Wham---say bam!

Speedy Claxton may have something to offer the Hawks in the playoffs. He was rusty (airball on a free throw, shot thrown out to midcourt), but he looked good as a playmaker, especially since these were the first (7) minutes of actual game time in over (2) years. It was funny that he was winded after (3) minutes in the first half, but expected---Maybe we're just weary of our lack of point guard play after Bibby sits, but Claxton needs to be on the roster at least.

Thomas Gardner looks comfortable on the floor---but he continues to miss wildly with his shot. Gardner had (4) steals and looked good out there, except that while he looks good while he shoots, that good look only lasts until the ball radically misses the basket. Still, of the Flubber/Solo/Morris bench guys, Gardner intrigues us the most.

See, fun for the whole family, eh? How many did you get?

The Hawks wrapped up one of the most impressive home seasons we've seen in quite some time (31-10)---admit it, Hawks fans, it was nice to see the Birds yukking it up on the bench, getting some major rest as the weekend and its playoff magic edges closer.

The HHB admits it never learned much at school---heck, we went to Florida---Theorems and hypotheses can be scribbled on the walls in the Comments Area.


Drew Ditzel said...

speedy's first shot was blocked so violently it may have cracked the hardwood.

Jason Walker said...

I thought he had shot it into a giant golf ball return--the kind that executives spend their time practicing their putting into---


RonWick said...

thoughts on Othello Hunter??

Jason Walker said...

Hunter was good in a preseason sort of way---but I have to say that I watched this game twice and he did not stand out even though his numbers looked fine at the end of the game.

There is something to be said to be unremarkable in a game that features (supposedly) players of your similar stature---maybe things will be different tonight or I just have a problem with Ohio State, though I can remember the Scoonie Penn era of the Hawks rather clearly----

RonWick said...

Hehe thanks, i'm indeed a fan of the University that clouds your judgement. Considering that he has only played the sport for about six years, it is pretty amazing that he's in the association. His best years are definitely ahead of him.

He was probably getting used to what an NBA floor looked like during a game. Hopefully he 'stands out' tonight :)

CoCo said...

There were too many things in here that made me laugh out loud! I won't even bother to copy and past them.

Jason Walker said...

You're too kind, CoCo---thank you---