Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Split Personalities

We're torn here at the HHB---We have been building and driving the (50) win bandwagon based on the belief that the Hawks are talented enough to reach that milestone.

On the other hand, there is a season's worth of proof that this team is not a team at all. Sure, there are flashes, but in the contrast of an opponent who is patient, methodical, and energetic, the Hawks, as they did in their 98-85 loss in PHL Tuesday night, the team shows it's immaturity and mental lack of strength.

It's fitting that, on the night where this immaturity was on display team-wide, that it was Josh Smith who appeared to be the most gathered, and definitely the most effective. Smith took (15) shots and missed only (2), including three no doubt bombs and all of his throws. At one point, Smith had (20) of the Hawks (45) points.

The Hawks had a crippling (19) turnovers as well--fitting that they were evenly dispersed throughout the team, as there are not enough fingers to point at the culprits.

Five, Four, Three, Two, One---Buzzzzzz

We had to laugh at IBR on the telecast, bemoaning Al Horford's "drop" in offensive production. It's hard to score when you don't get to shoot, Bob! It's reminiscent of when folks in Minnesota were wondering why Herschel Walker wasn't rushing for 100 yards a game. Well guys, when he got 3-5 carries a game, it's hard to produce---not to mention you had him away from the deep-I formation that he dominated with.

Sound vaguely similar? It should. We are barreling towards a "Trade Al Horford" entry into the HHB due to the obvious lack of development given the coaching staff. Once again we see another bench post player come in and get more attention offensively than Al.

This time it was his backup at Florida, Marreese Speights, who got to look like a polished post player, while Al was once again handed a mop and told to clean up after the guards.

It's a waste of talent, and don't be surprised if some hack blog isn't the first to feel this---if we can tell, you can bet the players do, too.

If at First You Don't Succeed, Don't Change a Thing!

The offensive policy of hoping that our outside shots fall and then shrugging our shoulders or, in this game, turning the ball over is a bit tiresome. The Sixers, who we were told often throughout the game, are not a good half court team, yet they looked like the Globetrotters compared to the Hawks in the set.

Time after time the Sixers seemed to get an open shot, while the Hawks continued to look like they are shooting hoops over the Great Wall of China.

Hmm---maybe we're getting close to another post, one that has been authored by every other Bird Watcher in the Nation---hey, we're not above jumping on the pile!

The HHB has sent the official word to hold off on the down payment for the second round playoff tickets---Arguments to the contrary can be left in the Comments Area.

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