Monday, April 6, 2009

Status Quo And the People Who Watch Them

It's hard to imagine that the Atlanta Hawks and those who surround it aren't listening to the people who love and watch them regarding the ongoing struggles, coaching suggestions, and feedback surrounding their victories and defeats.

Everytime we hear their quotes, see their actions, or witness anything to do with the Birds we see and hear the same stale statements, the same irrational behavior, and the same predictable outcome.

All we want is some validation and action around our amazing insights----is that a lot to ask?

Hoopinion has been asking for relief on the two foul-first half policy and the foul out fraidy-catness for quite a few seasons now---and we're not sure, but we think that, while the case has been made, the changes that would accompany have not.

Peachtree Hoops has been asking for the head of Alfredo Garcia---or Mike Woodson---and yet we see every game, except for the games where Woody excuses himself from the proceedings with a couple of points for the other team, that their request remains "Pending" in the Atlanta Spirit queue.

The Vent wants something resembling improvement and an on-again/off-again basketball romance with Josh Smith and his amazing array of jump shots---This, apparently, has been granted, as Smith loves to make CoCo happy and launch the three. Ca-chow!

As for Str8talk, well, they want the whole enchilada---compliments of the house. And, of course, that hasn't happened since they moved to Atlanta (the Hawks, that is). All that Str8t wants is to continually move towards that target---is that so wrong???

We have been asking for more attention to the post offensive strategy this season, especially in the development of Al Horford----sadly, we must not be speaking the right language because, in spite of the coach's words to the contrary, the actions (or in this case--massive inaction) speak a lot louder than words.

Slow starts, The Evening of Astonishment that is Josh Smith, weird rotational fascinations from the Head Bald Coach, and so on--are addressed only in the service of lip and then, often just as quickly, dismissed.

So as we look back to the beginning of the season and where we stand today with the good guys---we see that nothing has progressed, little has improved, and with every passing (or in the Hawks case, dribbling and draw the defense) game the hope that something might fades a little more.

They are locked into what they are---and what they are is an extremely talented team with many areas of opportunity---but little desire to change what they do in order to get there. They will be content to advance as far as this approach can take them.

We think that it can only take them to the playoffs, but not far within that particular forest, much less to emerge from it victorious. Good teams have ways of dispatching with such flawed paradigms---no matter how good intentioned or talented they are.

Are we the only ones to see it? Are we missing something that is a (shhhh!) secret inside the organ-i-zation? Or maybe it's just us---the same people that have spoken--and it's only the people that are listening.

This episode of the HHB was shot in slow motion, black and white footage---classy---calls for a colorized version can be left along with a small donation in the Comments Area.

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