Thursday, November 6, 2008


The subject line says it all and tells a story that Hawks fans haven't been able to tell since 1997, which would be a 3-0 start to the season.

We have the game waiting for us on our DVR when we get back to the HHB Official High Definition Viewing Center to see all that went right for the good guys Wednesday night, but the details don't matter right now. It's 3-0, and no amount of hand wringing or common sense can enter into the picture right now. It's 3-0 and it's been a long time in coming for all of us.

We expect we'll see a repeat of what we saw in the Orlando game and after the first quarter of the Philly game, which would be a solid defensive effort, hustle play, and timely baskets. That's a pretty tasty recipe for winning.

3-0---sounds nice---heck, just having a three game winning streak is a good enough feeling for the HHB, much less seeing numbers under "won" without a scratch under "lost".

To commemorate the effort, we offer footage of a player integral in the success of that 1997 team and recent first time American voter, Dikembe Mutombo--an all time favorite of the HHB. Enjoy.

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