Friday, April 3, 2009

Inner Circle

The HHB was thankful for being able to participate with the usual Hawks great thinkers (ESPN Sensation Hoopinion, It's Not Just A Vent--It's The Vent, and the brutally honest (and proud of it!) Str8ghtTalk) in the Blogger Roundtable. So folks aren't confused--we're the ones referred to as THHB---Crazy, eh?

The Inquisition involved but a single, powerful, question---one that involved every bit of the HHB's extensive data points, film research staff, and some 88-sided dice.

The Question:

The playoffs are fast approaching - which team would you rather face in the first round, the Miami Heat or the Philadelphia 76ers?

The Answer is right here---to quote Moe Szyslack--we made our choice and we stand by that.

The HHB wonders if Peachtree Hoops was too busy sorting through all the game comments and fan mail to participate in the latest roundtable discussion---Sightings and whereabouts can be left off in the night slot known as the Comments Area.

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