Sunday, April 12, 2009

Will Speedy Play on Tuesday?

We asked the question over on the Twitter Hitter, but we will bring it forth here:

Is there anything more compelling about the Hawks next game than the question of whether or not the Hawks will dress Speedy Claxton Tuesday night?

As you probably have read (or if you didn't, check out Speedy's Twitter alias to peruse his musings), Speedy was highly curious as to why the Hawks didn't dress him despite only having (11) healthy players.

We asked Speedy if there had been any explanation for making him go naked for the game and he graciously responded to us today, saying:

speeddeamon@THHB nope but hoping they will dress me on tues
With the Hawks already having clinched home court via the 4th place position in the East, Mike Woodson is expected to rest his starters for Tuesday's game @ home and Wednesday's road finale.

With Claxton obviously lobbying to get into the game, will the Hawks allow the veteran guard to lace them up or show him the suit?

Now, we're not sure how insurance monies work, if that even is the reason for Claxton's exile on the Hawks bench, so we don't know if playing Claxton would cost the Hawks financially, but it's clear he wants to play and, with a year left on his contract and with Speedy getting a little frisky about his role (or lack of) with Atlanta, it could be an interesting off-season and 2009-2010 season if they do not.

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