Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming Up! (Live at Atlanta)

You want a better kind of future
One that everyone can share
Youre not alone, we all could use it
Stick around were nearly there

We can only hope for this McCartney-esque (circa Wings) type enthusiasm for Thursday's draft and its impact on the Hawks. When we look around the prognostications they range from Jeff Teague (ESPN--reg req), Jeff Teague (Naismith Lives), Jeff Teague (Drew@ Peachtree Hoops via Ball Don't Lie), Jeff Teague (The Sports Xchange via Yahoo), and finally Jeff Teague (DraftExpress) we wonder if we should be crazy for thinking of any other player?

We believe that Teague would have us crossing our fingers and hoping that the flash he showed last season will translate to a more even effort for the Birds, if drafted. But after reading the excellent interview that Hawks.com magnate Micah Hart authors w/Director of Player Personnel Dave Pendergraft, we are left feeling that the Hawks are not playing the Teague card if there is a more sure thing (think Lawson, Collison) that can translate to an asset (or getting on base as Pendergraft calls it) rather than "swing for the fences", which going for Teague may better symbolize.

Elsewhere, the Timberwolves have heavily invested in a draft that may be the worst since the fabled 2000 draft (DerMarr Johnson draft for those Bird watchers). Their (4) picks are the most since the Hawks had the same amount in the 1999 draft.

You remember that draft, right? JT was the 10th pick---then it went downhill, big time. Cal Bowdler was the next Hawk pick @ 17--to the vocal disapproval of those at CNN Center. Then, local (and injured) favorite Dion Glover went with the 20th pick and the other local fave--Jumaine Jones was drafted, but the pick had already been promised to the Sixers, which drew more boos. Yes!

Draft Day/Night Hijinx!

The HHB will be busy on Thursday, starting with our annual Official Draft Endorsement entry in the morning. Then, later in the day, we will appear as a in-studio guest host on The Bill Shanks Show (3PM-6PM EST) where we will (presumably) be talking NBA Draft and the Hawks (sometimes both!).

That night, we will humbly join Hoopinion for a Draft Night chat-a-thon over at their place. We will no doubt be shown to be the know nothing goof to Bret's highly educated opinions---still should be good times, so watch for it over there and plan on being there with us throughout the draft goodness!

The HHB wants to know who you would pick in this draft--Those thoughts and other important sharings can be left in the Comments Area.

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CoCo said...

I'm going to miss the draft because I'll be at a concert. If anything good happens dm me on twitter! ;)