Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Closer

Folks, the wait of the preseason is like the undertow at the beach (that's the place where the oceans rises to meet the land in such far away places such as New Smyrna Beach--a mere half hour from THHB HQ) for those of you helplessly landlocked as we enter the chilly season.

The games and the action of not-quite-yet-real basketball pulls you into the anticipation of what is referred to as "real basketball"---and the closer the start date gets, the more you feel the pull.

Then, as in a mere week from now, it happens. The overflow of the the opening night of the NBA washes over those of us who are still excited to see it. What happens at such a point for the good guys, those known as the Atlanta Hawks will be made a bit clearer.

We're not going to disclose what we believe---that's fodder for an entire entry unto itself (hint: next Monday is a decent enough timing place to drop such irrelevant forecasting)---but suffice to say that, like in the previous download of memories---we've been fooled before by eliminating the talent-absent opposition competing in the preseason.

So--fool us once, Theo Ratliff, shame on you---fool us twice...etc.

We will be in full effect for the titanic tilt of the "Orlando Magic" and "Atlanta Hawks" on the 23rd (on ESPN!) and have the season preview ready to roll as we launch THHB coverage of the 2009-2010 season next Monday.

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