Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goin' Ballin' (Meet You at the Place Where We Met That Time?)

As we mentioned, we will be in the house for Wednesday's game against the Magic and are looking forward to locking into a discussion with one of the players, coach Woodson, and the usual post game quotes and thoughts about whatever will take place on the floor that night.

We know we are going to ask Woodson about Acie Law, we haven't settled on which player we want to try and lock down for a discussion, and we are looking forward to getting some game quotes and bringing them into the HHB.

Last season, we covered a game in late November against the Bucks (a win) and put our game thoughts here (pre-HHB, obviously).

We also got a candid conversation with Josh Childress and asked him about his pending restricted free agency.

It's always a good time in the arena, and the HHB offers its usual appreciation to the Hawks for opening their doors to a group like ours---it's always been a first class franchise to us, even when we haven't been the most flattering towards it--big ups, fellas---and we'll see you at the game!

The HHB is open to suggestions/requests on topics on conversation once inside the sacred walls of Philips Arena (too much?)----Comments are welcome in the oddly named Comments section.

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CoCo said...

Pleeeeease ask someone, anyone what kind of knee injury Craig Claxton has. People have recovered from death faster.