Friday, January 2, 2009

Standing Atop the Mountain, Peace Be With You

They'll learn.

Sometime this season, They'll learn the following:

  • You can't waste possessions.
  • A 20 point lead, with the exception of 6:40 left in the game, with the ball, is not safe.
  • Never put the ball on the floor around the basket when you are over 6'9.
  • Sometimes you can't take that last shot, especially with double coverage.
  • That it's never time to be desperate, especially when you are only one possession down.
  • When you have a star player down, you can't let them get going with easy looks.
  • When it's down to the last possession, and you are on defense, never let the team's best player take the last shot.

The Hawks are 0-2 in that lesson this season. Someone else has to beat you.

That mistake was one among the many, all of them contributing to the final outcome, but there's a thing about that last one. If you make that mistake, it's the last one of the game.

The Hawks have shown good mettle this season, and the HHB expects that this tough loss will heal, and fans can take note that, even in a game they had no business winning with their second half play, they still lost by a single point on the road.

Will they repeat some or all of these mistakes again this season? Certainly.

But one day, on a road that could lead this team beyond any Hawks team in Atlanta, one day--

---they'll learn.

The HHB is chanting and taking deep breaths inside the Official HHB Internet Room, Comments and other Mistakes the team made are welcome in the Comment Section

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