Friday, January 2, 2009

Vince Carter---Not Gonna Phone It In Tonight

Our friends (all of them) over at Zaza's Playground dug up this interesting item regarding Vince Carter and his motivation for tonight's game against the Hawks.

While you may assume that natural competitive instincts, millions of dollars, and the relative mediocrity of the Nets this season would be able to motivate a player, apparently Vince needs more.

It certainly seems like Vince is plenty motivated against the Hawks, where no shot is impossible for the former Tar Heel and he seems to score a-plenty.

Sure enough a search through the inner mind and personal diary of Vince Carter revealed a list of the Top 10 reasons Vince gets motivated to do his best for tonight's game.

10. Cut the Check

9. My teammates need me.

8. Coin said "Heads"

7. Read the autobiography of Derrick Coleman in order to make the most of his talent.

6. Playing Atlanta

5. Reservations are at 10pm.

4. A Special "somebody" in the crowd.

3. One of the officials doing the game called him "pretty boy" when in Toronto.

2. Atlanta is the presidential library home of his cousin, Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States.

1. Every 13 games, a statement must be made!

There you go---So in honor of Mr. Carter, we present the theme song for when he takes the court at home tonight. You go get 'em, Vince!

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